Throw a fun Easter party with easy, affordable printables! + Bonus FREEBIE

Easter is just around the corner, but there’s still time to plan something fabulous for your little bunnies! We’ve made it easy for you with our new Easter Printables! All you have to do is print, cut & create! Pick up some cupcakes while you’re at the grocery store and slap our cupcake toppers on top, you’ll have super cute treats that will look like you worked way harder than you did. Throw some mini candy bars in your cart too while you’re at the store, and you can wrap them up with the adorable Easter mini candy bar wrappers. These make really cute, inexpensive party favors or fun surprises to throw in lunch boxes! Grab some bottled water and dress them up with the drink labels, and stick the "Happy Easter" party sign in a cute frame – that’s it, instant party!

Included in the Easter Party Printable Package:
2.5" Cupcake Toppers (use a 2" inch scallop or round craft punch)
Water Bottle Labels (can also be used on milk bottles, paper cups, etc.)
5×7 Party Sign
Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

Everything you need – minus the food – for a quick and easy Easter celebration!


Because we love you guys so much, I’m going to give away these matching Treat Bag Toppers for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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I hope you all have a fabulous time planning and throwing a fun Easter celebration – whether it’s a huge shin-dig or just a small party for your kiddos at home, enjoy the time with family and friends! That’s what parties are all about!

And don’t forget to check out our Easter Pinterest Board for lots of awesome Easter inspiration, including photos of how others have used our Easter Printables for their own parties!

Much love to you all, dear friends!


Treats For My Peeps – FREE Easter Printables!

OK peeps (pun intended, haha) Easter is literally around the corner, in just a few days! Where does the time go, right?! So I have decided to give away our Easter Printable Party Package for FREE!! But only for those of you who click the link below and sign up for our newsletter! And by "newsletter" I mean FREE PRINTABLES delivered right to your inbox at least once a month! 

Peeps Rice Krispie Treats on a Stick, Peeps Mini Candy Bar Wrappers, Peeps Party Printables, Peeps Cupcakes
Peeps Water Bottle Labels
, Peeps Push Pops

Yep, come party with us, and you’ll receive exclusive FREE printables only available to the fantastic guests at our party! So what are you waiting for?? Go HERE to grab your FREE printable Easter Party Package, my gift to you :) And if you’re already partying with us, don’t worry, it will be arriving in your inbox shortly!

For more fabulous Easter ideas, be sure to visit our Easter Pinterest Board for tons of awesome inspiration!!

Easy Easter Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays – the real meaning of Easter and all that it celebrates is amazing and awesome and wonderful! :) And we also love the "fun" side of it as well with bunnies, baskets and egg hunts… and of course those deliciously adorable little PEEPS! My love of PEEPS inspired our new Easter Party Printables (get your FREE download here or buy the full collection and do it up grand). To go along with that fun little collection, I put together a couple of Easter Inspiration Boards, filled with creative ideas using Peeps!

Peeps Cake – Super cute and so easy to make! I’ve made the Kit-Kat version of this cake, and it really is easy, I swear! Just bake your cake, frost it, stick Peeps on, and then spread some pastel Easter M&Ms on top. You don’t even have to worry about making your icing look all smooth and perfect – love it!
Peeps Cotton Candy Treats
– Another super easy treat (we are all about EASY around here, lol). Put some poofs of cotton candy into cupcake liners, add a Peep on top and throw on a few Easter M&Ms.
Tuxedo Peeps
– OK, this one is a little more complicated but still very doable for ordinary people who are not Martha Stewart. Really all you’re doing is dipping the Peeps in white and dark chocolate.
Peeps Centerpiece
– I absolutely LOVE these centerpieces! Jelly beans, Peeps and flowers :)
Peeps Treat Bag Toppers
– Well of course I LOVE these awesome treat bag toppers made by yours truly ;) Download them FREE, print, cut, fold in half and staple to your little ziplock baggie filled with a happy row of pretty Peeps. Super cute for Easter baskets or class parties!
Peeps On A Stick
– Peeps on a stick – love it! CHOCOLATE dipped Peeps on a stick – love even more! Love From the Oven has a bunch of super awesome Peeps ideas, be sure to check out her blog

Peeps Rice Krispie Treats on a Stick – More Peeps awesomeness from Love From The Oven. Save time and use pre-made Rice Krispie Treats!
Peeps Mini Candy Bar Wrappers
– From our new Easter Printable collection, these mini candy bar wrappers make cute little treats/favors for those who don’t like to eat Peeps :)
Peeps Party Printables
– More from our Easter Printables collection. We used the "cupcake toppers" to dress up pink paper cups!
Peeps Cupcakes
– Love these cute cupcakes!
Peeps Water Bottle Labels
– Our water bottle labels make plain water bottles look so much more fun!
Peeps Push Pops
– How stinkin’ cute is this?? Mini cupcakes in a push pop container, topped with a Peep!

Hopefully this has gotten your creative juices flowing and lots of fun ideas to try! For even more fantastic ideas, check out our Easter board on pinterest! I hope you all have a fantastic and blessed Easter!!