Too much on your plate? You can still EASILY wow your kids’ friends this Valentine’s Day!

OK now we’re usually all about easy handmade projects and printables around here, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to be all DIY and make all kinds of homemade stuff for our kids’ parties! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you just don’t have it in you this year to get all Martha Stewart (trust me, we understand!!) we’ve still gotcha covered! No worries loves, the world will not stop, and you can still easily send your kiddos to school with fabulous personalized Valentine Cards, and you can still send yummy goodies with easy self-sealing treat bags and personalized stickers! Check it out:

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But hey, if you DO feel like doing-it-yourself, go check out our FREE Valentine’s Day Printable Party Game – Conversation Heart Bingo. And then of course there’s always Pinterest ;)

Grab your FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo!!!

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day less than a month away! It’s such a fun holiday with all the candy, Valentine cards and fun little gifts. And of course the parties!! I’m sure a lot of us have class parties coming up for our little ones, so I made this fun printable Conversation Heart Bingo game for you! This is a fun and easy party game that all ages will love, and the majorly awesome part is, it is FREE!! Just click the link below and sign up for our newsletter! And by "newsletter" I mean FREE PRINTABLES delivered right to your inbox at least once a month! 

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Grab your FREE printable New Year’s Eve Hershey Kiss & wine bottle labels!

With the New Year just around the corner, I designed a New Year’s Eve Printable Party Package so you can throw a super fabulous bash! And since I was so late in the game, I decided to give away parts of this package for FREE!! You will get the Wine Bottle Labels (also great for dressing up party favors, goody bags, etc.) and these adorably cute and fun Hershey Kiss Labels without having to pay a dime! Just click the links below to grab your FREE printables!

Click HERE to download your FREE Hershey Kiss labels!


To download the free printable wine bottle labels, click HERE.

Once you’ve got them all downloaded, all you need to do is print and cut! For the wine bottle labels, you can print on adhesive label paper (avery makes an 8.5×11 label) and cut them out and stick on your bottles – EASY!! Or, you can print on card stock, regular paper, or my favorite – semi glossy brochure/label paper, cut the labels out and then use a spray adhesive (can be found at craft stores and/or in the scrapbooking section) to stick them on the bottles.

For the Hershey Kiss labels, I recommend using a 3/4" circle punch – it will make it a breeze to cut out all the little circles! Then use a glue dot to adhere them to the kisses. Super easy and super cute little party treats!

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Throw A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Bash!

Only a few more days left in 2012! What a fantastic year it has been, but I am ready for the new year and all the exciting things on the horizon! I know I’m a little late in the game getting this out, but if you tend to be a bit of a procrastinator like me, then you know there is still plenty of time to throw together a fabulous New Year’s Eve Bash! ;) And because I was such a slacker, I’m putting this printable party package on sale for just $5!!! AND…. if you would rather save it and use it next year (because not everyone is a procrastinator, lol) I will gladly edit the date to 2014 for you – just leave me a note when you place your order.

This Printable Party Package includes the following:
- 2-inch Cupcake Toppers/Labels, 4 different designs (use them square or use a 2" circle or scallop punch to make them round)
- Cupcake Wraps
- Wine Bottle Labels (can also be used for party favors, goody bags, etc.)
- Mini Flags (for straws, cupcake toppers, etc.)
- Hershey Kiss Labels (3/4")
- Blank Food Tent Cards
- Happy New Year Banner

Close up of the banner:

So, like I mentioned, this printable party package is on sale for just $5! BUT….. if you want to get the Wine Bottle Labels and Hershey Kiss Labels for FREE, click here :)

For some fabulous, rockin’ New Year’s Eve party ideas, visit our New Year’s Eve Pinterest Board!

Much Love and Peace to you all!

8 Great Christmas Gifts For Teachers

 So I’m just going to make myself feel better by assuming I’m not the only mom who still hasn’t gotten teacher gifts! I know I can run out and grab a gift card or something, which I will probably do in addition to, but I always like to make something for them too. Our Mason Jar Gift Ideas would be good choices for teachers, but here is a short list of other goodies for the amazing people who love and care for our babies 5 days a week!

1. Hand Sanitizer
What teacher doesn’t need hand sanitizer??? When you’ve got a classroom full of kiddos, you’ve also got a classroom full of germs. Check out this easy way to dress up and personalize hand sanitizer – so EASY! All you do is remove the label (try goo gone) and then add stickers or vinyl lettering, and you’ve got a super cute, easy and inexpensive gift!! I’d also throw in a refill bottle or two so they can continue to use the cute container and just refill it when it runs out :)

Found this picture on pinterest, but the link went to an "adult" website, so yeah, I won’t be posting that here!!


2. DIY Dry-Erase Boards
Make a dry-erase board from a picture frame. Just get some cute scrapbooking paper to go inside the frame and add some ribbon and other embellishments to the frame and bam – instant easy gift that any teacher will love!


Attach a dry-erase marker with a ribbon or velcro.


You can also use vinyl lettering to dress it up a bit more :)


3. DIY Personalized Clipboard
Another practical item that you can make super cute! I actually made this one a couple of years ago, and it was a huge hit! And very easy and affordable to make, too!

Materials I used were a regular sized clip board, scrapbook papers, coordinating ribbon, spray adhesive, mod podge, and 3-D flower stickers. First I sanded both the front and back of the clipboard so the pages would stick better. I printed the teacher’s name onto one of the papers with my laser printer, then covered the clipboard in the scrapbook papers and ribbon for accents. I applied a thin coat of mod podge to seal and protect and let dry. As a finishing touch, I embellished the clip with 3-D flower stickers and tied coordinating ribbon to it, and wah-la, all done! I think it turned out super cute, and my son’s teacher LOVED it!

4. School Supplies Cake
OK seriously, what teacher wouldn’t LOVE to get this?? It’s not as hard as it looks to make, just maybe a bit time consuming. I think it would be worth it though :)



5. Countdown Sign
This is just genius! We all know how kids have like zero concept of time and constantly ask, "how many days until _____ ?" lol. This sign would be so perfect for any teacher to hang in their classroom, letting the children know there are 8 days until Winter Break, or 4 days until Fun Friday, etc. It’s relatively easy to make, you just need some wood, paint, vinyl lettering and chalkboard paint. LOVE this idea!


6. Hot Cocoa Kit (Made from recycled frappuccino jars)
Another cute & easy DIY gift that can be done at the last minute! I think this is a super cute


7. Mason Jar Gifts
Fill a mason jar up with fun supplies like magnetic letters – so EASY!!


8. Gift Cards – Creative Packaging
Decorate a vase or other container with vinyl lettering/designs and fill up with pencils. A quick, easy, affordable gift EVERY teacher will appreciate!


Hope this helped inspire you! Have fun creating your teacher gifts :)

FREE Mason Jar Labels! Awesome last minute gift idea!

OK, it’s almost crunch time – only 12 more days ’til Christmas!! Are you still scrambling for a couple of last minute gifts? Don’t know what to get the neighbors or the teachers? Take a look at our 5 Fun Mason Jar Gifts post and start filling up those jars! Mason jars make super cute, easy and affordable gifts! And to make it even easier and affordable for you, I made some super cute mason jar labels, and I’m giving them to you for free!! Yep, FREE.

Just print them out, cut (or use a 2" circle punch) and stick on the lid – EASY!!! Add some cute ribbon and maybe a vinyl letter to personalize, and you’ve got a pretty package all ready to go :)

I’m not sure why the labels look florescent green in these pictures – I promise they are not, LOL!! The lighting was off, just roll with it ;)

You get four designs for free. Just print on 8.5×11 paper or card stock.

To download the free mason jar labels, click HERE.

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5 Fun Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jars are so popular right now, and it’s no wonder because of all the fabulous things you can do with them! There are tons of easy DIY projects that have stemmed from mason jars, so I have put together this short list of 5 fun mason jar gift ideas! Of course we all know mason jars make fantastic packaging for food items – everything from candy to cupcakes in a jar, to hot cocoa to cookies, and the possibilities are just endless! But there are also some other really neat and creative – and EASY – ideas that don’t involve food. You can find mason jars at Walmart for around $14 for a pack of 12. Yay for inexpensive, but still totally awesome, gifts!!!

Everyone loves hot cocoa! And what a super cute way to package it up for people! Add some of those fun paper straws and it really looks fun! If you want to jazz things up for the bigger people on your list, add a tiny bottle of Baileys – wheeeeee!



Oh my stars – how cute is this?? What a creative, original gift for someone – it would look awesome on a mantle or a bookshelf! All you do is paint the mason jar with frosted glass spray paint, paint the lid black and then add a cute vinyl letter and a tea light! Be sure to remove the lid (inside the ring) so the candle can breathe and the smoke has somewhere to go, lol.


Oh sweet ymminess!!! Whip up some caramel cream cheese dip, add an apple and bam – instant yummy gift :)

1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
10 pkgs (2 oz each) caramel dip
2 (39 gr each) Skor bars
8 apples
8 (1/2 cup each) mason jars

Mix cream cheese with 2 of the caramel dips (4 oz). Mix until smooth.

Divide evenly amongst 8 jars. Wipe rim.

Spoon 1 each of the remaining 8 caramel dips into each jar.

Crush up both Skor bars.

Sprinkle Skor crumbs evenly amongst the 8 jars.

Place lid on jars. 

Top each jar with an apple.

Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon. Keep refrigerated until ready to give away.  


Energy In A Jar, Pampering In A Jar, Refreshment In A Jar, pick a theme and fill the jar with it!

Love the Pampering In A Jar that is filled with pampering/spa type goodies. I’m thinking this would make a fabulous gift for a tween or teen girl – fill with nail polish and other mani/pedi stuff!


Aren’t these gorgeous?? And so EASY! All you do is stick a photo in there, I mean seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this folks, lol. The photo below uses the blue tinted mason jars which can be difficult to find, however, you can google "how to tint mason jars," and there are tons of simply tutorials that will show you how to tint them yourself in all kinds of different colors. You can spray paint the lids if you want and edit the photos to make them look antique-y (is that a word?????) or grungy or whatever look you’re going for! I think I will make some of these for myself! Merry Christmas to me, lol!


OK, I said this list was going to have 5 mason jar gift ideas, but I found one more that was too cute, too easy and too inexpensive not to include so here’s a bonus!

Adorable!! Use fun cupcake liners for the lids and add a bundle of paper straws for an instant gift set of drinking glasses :) This might be even easier to do than the photo memory jars!


Hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for fun DIY mason jar gifts! To help you out, I made some super cute labels for you to use! They are made to go on the tops of the mason jars, to help make them look all cute and stuff. Visit our blog post here to grab your free mason jar labels!

Happy Holidays!!